Silent Auction Item Displays – How to Create Vertical Displays Without Using Acrylic Stands

Vertical shows are essential to a terrific silent auction display. Acrylic stands are an exceptional choice, however in case you do not like the appearance of these stands or when you have more manpower than monetary strength, here are some alternatives.

Option 1: Over-sized Displays

One silent auction group published item descriptions Silent Auction in huge font on preferred eight.Five” X 11″ white paper. They glued the white paper to a heavier-weight posterboard and cut the posterboard slightly larger than the white paper that allows you to supply the outline a coloured aspect. They fabricated a stand-up template from the same posterboard and fixed it to the again to ensure the complete description might stand on the table.

Quite frankly, the effort involved considerable manpower. And the value of the posterboard turned into probable extra than buying an acrylic stand, given the large length of the shows. But this team wanted to have an outsized look without acrylic stands, and they finished it through this technique. Because the outline changed into in huge font and the entire white paper become secured to an oversized “frame,” guests located descriptions clean to study as they walked by using the tables.

Option 2: Standard-sized Displays

One public sale crew used heavier-stock paper (assume cardstock) to create every vertical show, however opted to keep the scale to a widespread 8.5″ x 11.”

The cardstock-y paper become bought with an connected stand-up prop on its bottom. It folded out like a paper photograph body. The crew revealed out the descriptions on general 8.Five” x eleven” sheets of paper and secured every one to this frame. It changed into geared up to be displayed at the silent public sale tables.

Option three: Half-sized Displays

Fold a bit of creation paper in half of and stand it on the table, tent-like. Then print your object description on the lowest half of a white 8.5″ X 11″ sheet of paper. Fold your white paper in half (so the description is on the lowest half), and drop it over the folded “tent” production paper. The production paper is company enough to face on its personal and could help the white descriptive sheet on top of it. Presto, you’ve got created a geared up-to-stand vertical sheet. It even has a fetching coloration framing it.

Often I’ll see a descriptive title in large font at the paper (e.G. “Two Nights on the Ivy Bed & Breakfast”) and the whole description (which include any restrictions) is at the bid sheet.